First impressions last!

How bright is your project’s entry hall? Do your customers walk into a small, dark entry room, or are they hit with ’wow factor’ and daylight?

It is often possible to incorporate roof windows on the back facade with a light shaft directed right to the entry door. If you or your local planning department are concerned about roof windows from the street, consider a design solution that directs daylight from back to front.

By adding roof windows over a stair you add value to your project

Value is added through:

  • Creation of stack effect ventilation, where connecting rooms can effectively utilise this space as a ’chimney’ to exhaust warm, stale and humid air
  • Providing safe way-finding on stairs without the need for electric lighting
  • Adding ’wow’ effect, by distributing daylight to every floor, often this can include a direct view to the sky from entry halls or from the centre of the home
  • Bringing daylight into the centre of the floor plan typically starved of light