Bonus balcony

More and more customers are looking to maximise functionality with a smaller floor area.

Younger buyers want modern features but need to start small as first time buyers. Retired buyers may want to downsize but not lose the amenity that often comes with a larger home.

An integrated balcony system reduces the cost and space required to build a traditional balcony whilst giving the connection to outdoors and amenity that customers are seeking.



It’s not just the m² on paper - Customer impressions are worth more

Often knee walls are placed to start at a height that local regulations deem countable towards the overall floor area of the home.

By pushing the knee wall closer to the parapet (exterior wall) or by removing it altogether, the perception of space is much greater - meaning the square meters that are listed can often be sold at a higher price.

With no knee wall or low parapet, a balcony window system can be installed. This can transform a dark, small attic space into prime real estate.