Guidelines for kitchen & dining spaces

Incorporating the right combination of roof windows into your attic level kitchen design will give balanced daylight, as well as efficient, practical ventilation. This will have a greater impact on your customer than expensive countertops or cupboard fronts.

Top operated windows make it possible to have a continuous, well-lit worktop directly below the window without obstructing operation of the window.

A double height combination of roof windows offers a great solution to bring daylight deeper into the floor plan. This should be considered if you have a high activity surface such as a kitchen island bench located central to the floor plan away from other windows.



Often roof windows are placed in high out of reach positions as a default. In many cases this is not optimal as views to the outside are reduced and surfaces against the wall are more likely left in shadow.

In an attic level kitchen space, it is ideal to incorporate in-reach, roof windows or a double height combination. This allows not only better light conditions to the bench top, it ensures views to the outside and also allows for easy operation for ventilation whilst cooking.