Allow your clients to experience the daylight difference - in VR and in reality

German housebuilder, SchwörerHaus, recently collaborated with VELUX to help grow their business. They were able to offer their customers a VR journey to help visualise their potential new home with and without VELUX roof windows and to illustrate the impact at different times of the day. To experience the difference, scroll down and take a virtual tour.

New to VR?

  • Click on the house icon in the bottom left-hand corner to choose between the two proposals (with or without roof windows)
  • Click on the sun icon in the bottom right-hand corner to control the time of day
  • Click on the person icon to move through the spaces

Indoor air has been shown to be up to 5x more polluted than outdoor air*

Ventilation is a balance between energy consumption, health and costs – too much ventilation will increase energy use in cold climates and lead to draughts, too little will cause bad indoor air quality and possible health problems.

The best way to achieve a good balance is through active systems that use smart sensors and automatically open and close windows, to ensure optimal indoor climate with low energy consumption.

*Source: World Health Organization (2018) - Ambient air quality and health.