Choosing the right solution for the context

Shallow light shafts, deep light shafts or sun tunnel? Choose the daylight solution that best fits your design and brings most value to the interior space.

  • Sun tunnels are great for smaller utility spaces located deep in the floor plan.
  • Shallow light shafts are great for rooms that you may wish to offset privacy issues created by facade windows to the street or to balance the daylight and ventilation within the space.
  • Deep light shafts create a dramatic effect and can be a great feature above stairs or in a living space. It is optimal to include more than one roof window in a deep shaft.

The construction is simple

Whether cutting a truss or leaving the structure exposed within a wider light shaft, there is a simple construction solution that allows an optimal daylight shaft to be integrated into your home design.

If the daylight shaft is planned from the beginning, the truss engineering can be designed and co-ordinated to reduce the number of on-site cuts required.