Photo: Andrea Segliani

Double the daylight reach and create natural air flow

Double height combinations give an incredible ’wow’ factor to any space and greatly enhance the feeling of spaciousness in the room. An otherwise small room can be transformed to feel large and generous.

Double height combinations are particularly beneficial in rooms with a deep plan, the high level windows allow light to reach to the back of the room.

Photo: Niklas Hart

Modern & Modular

Design with roof windows has many possibilities and is well suited to both the modern aesthetic as well as modern construction methods.

Standard sizing, fast delivery, and easy installation mean roof windows can offer the ideal daylighting solution to off-site manufacturing or high volume on-site construction.

Allow your clients to experience the daylight difference - in VR and in reality

French housebuilder, Maisons France Confort, recently collaborated with VELUX to help grow their business. They were able to offer their customers a VR journey to help visualise their potential new home with and without VELUX roof windows and to illustrate the impact at different times of the day. To experience the difference, scroll down and take a virtual tour.

New to VR?

  • Click on the sun icon in the bottom right-hand corner to control the time of day
  • Click on the person icon to move through the spaces