Quality daylight in a bathroom lifts the space to luxury

Single-story buildings with flat roofs and deep rooms often struggle to bring natural light into every corner. Most often, bathrooms and wardrobes will be placed in the middle of the plan. Natural ventilation and good daylight are crucial to these humid or prone to humidity spaces.

A roof opening will distribute more daylight into central rooms and other darkened areas. Installing a simple roof window can cost less than some kitchen appliances – and yet the daylight and ventilation it provides can brighten up and transform a space, improve thermal comfort, save energy, and even improve health and well-being over the long term.

Home buyers are willing to pay extra for daylight or make some trade-offs for getting better daylight. A market study conducted in Germany shows that 3 out of 4 potential customers would pay double the price of the roof window for the gain in daylight in the bathroom.

Are there utility spaces in the home that, by introducing daylight, can become a real entertainment area for some customers?

Some customers are willing to pay extra to have not just a garage, but a ’workshop’ - a space that doesn’t just feel like a storage corner but a room to utilise.

This can increase the value of m2 area without creating a need to increase the building footprint. Daylight & ventilation in these spaces bring large comfort and health benefits as well as the perception of a generous space. Does your design include a basement with limited natural light? Consider extending the footprint to allow flat roof windows to be installed above - completely transforming the space.